Let’s do some up-cycling!

Hi everybody,

I’m working on a new project for school. The goal for the end of the year is creating an upcycling store. It’s a place where you can buy things that are already recyled by some designers but there is also a sort of atelier where people can work together with second-hand materials to create their own unique piece of clothing. I found some cool upcycled designs on the internet wich I want to show to you all!

Two guys’ bow ties:
They make wooden bow ties out of reclaimed old flooring and furniture. The bow ties look really cute and unique! I love the texture of wood, it brings something refreshing and sophisticated! You should definitely add some wood to your wardrobe!

bow ties

Margaux Lange:
Margaux Lange’s plastic body art jewelry collection is made of barbie doll parts in combination with sterling silver and pigmented resins. This combination leads to surprising designs. I find this really awesome. Barbie was always a fashion statement and now seeing her face as a piece of jewelery is really cool.

Barbie Doll

Poketo is a brand that brings art for your everyday. One of their collections is made of 100 % upcycled materials. I love the fact that leather looks more beautiful by age, so using already used leather is a great idea! If I was a woman I certainly would buy one of these lovely bags!


I will keep you all posted about my school project.

Sweet kisses



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