Vote for SVENSKA FALL 2013

Dear people,

Sorry for the fact that I didn’t post a new blogpost for so long. I was bussy with a lot of stuff, but I can tell you all that I’m back.

FALL 2013

First of all I want to show my fall 2013 collection, for those who haven’t seen it yet! I’ve made this collection to participate the JBC designers competition that is going from now till the 15 of april! So take a second to watch, vote and share the link you can find HERE  and help me to win this competition so I can have my designs produced, distributed and sold all over Belgium and Luxembourg by september 2013!

FALL 2013 FALL  2013

Unique, feminine and autehnhtiek are the key words for my collection! Maybe you recognize the dress I drawed a few months ago?! I don’t want to say more about this collection, just watch and enjoy!

FALL 2013

What can you expect the next few day’s to come? Well I made a trip to Maastricht and Lyon so some pictures and cool stuff will follow soon!

FALL 2013

Lot’s of love



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