Contemporary Fashion Days

Dear people,

In this blogpost I want to talk about my day trip to Antwerp last saturday. I went to the Contemporary Fashion Days with my dear friend and fashion blogger ( Dorien! We had such a fun time traveling to Antwerp!

contemporary fashion days

Once we arrived we started our hunt on designer clothes with Dries Van Noten. There were some really nice pieces and it was great to take a closer look on these clothes. Dorien tryed on a pair of sandles, but she wasn’t very convinced of this pair of shoes so we had to leave them behind.

Our next stop was Delvaux. Delvaux is a wonderfull brand! I’m in love with all their
designs despite of the fact that i’m a guy! I also saw a lovely briefcase but he was a little to expensive for me. Dorien found this lovely Delvaux shopper bag and took it home!


last but not the least we went to Raf Simons. I’m such a big fan of his work for Dior so I was really excited to search between the last pieces of his previous collections. I tryed on 6 pieces, and 5 of them looked great on me! It was really hard to choose because I could only take one piece home. I finally made my choise and I hope I can show the piece I bought in a new outfit post soon.


I really want to thank Dorien for this lovely day!

Much love



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