HAY, it’s ok!

Lovely people,


This picture above made me a very happy person last thursday. I was participating a contest at school. To participate, we had to send in a picture we’ve made at our different schooltrips. Last thursday, they announced the winner of the contest. And I was super glad that I ended first!

HAYI won two of these beautiful HAY trays designed by swedish Clara von Zweigbergk. Kaleido from HAY MARKET is a series of colorful trays. The trays are available in 5 different sizes and in a variety of colors, which together provide a nice graphical expression. You can use these trays to assemble your keys, jewelry, coins and other small things or just as decoration. I was super happy that I could take two of these beautiful trays home!





  1. Dorien

    Proficiat met de overwinning! Het zijn super mooie schaaltjes, verzamel ze allemaal zou ik zo zeggen šŸ˜‰ !

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