Iris van Herpen versus Zaha Hadid

Hi lovely people,

Last week, I had to hand in my paper I had to write for a school subject. On first thought, I was pretty sure that it would be really boring to write a paper. So I was searching for a subject that would be interesting to write about. When I was gazing around in some books I found this awesome quote: “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel. And suddenly that quote brought me to a great idea!


I thought it would be awesome to put an architect and a fashion designer next to each other. Sinds I admire Zaha Hadid‘s work so much, it was very soon clear for me I would pick her as one of the two designers. After some searching I also found my second designer, Iris van Herpen. I was sure they would fit wel together!

Zaha Iris When I found my 2 favorite designers, I connected their designs into an image and analyzed them both on style, color, look, texture and much more. It was funny how similar both designs were apart form the fact the two designers weren’t inspired by each other! The two look very modern and sophisticated! What do you guys think?

Iris Zaha

Zaha Iris xoxo



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