Townhouse Designhotel!

Hi lovely people,

Do you guys remember the hotel, that I was talking about in my FASHIONCLASH 2013-post? Well, I thought it was time to tell you all a bit more about this hotel!


Townhouse designhotel is the name of a hotel located on the St. Maartenslaan 5 in Maastricht. The concept of the hotel is very simpel. They wanted to create a place were people can feel like home, even if they are on vacation. But how did they try to bring this feeling to the people? The answer is simple, the kitchen! Maybe that sounds like a strange answer, but the kitchen is for most people the place where we all sit, chat and have a good time with everybody of the family! That’s why they provided a huge kitchen in the middle of the hotel. Where people come together, talk to each other and feel like home!


HotelThe rest of the hotel looks very comfy thanks to the lovely vintage furniture. Their household contains different plates and cups, which brings a homely atmosphere! The rooms are very beautiful with a lot of funny and vintage details and they are also divided into four groups. You can book a basic, medium, large or extra large room, depended on which size you prefer!

HotelThis hotel is also a winner of the Dutch Hotel Award 2011! So make sure you check out their website and book your stay for your next visit to Maastricht!

much love and don’t forget my tote bag-giveaway!




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