Keep an eye on Tom!

Hi lovely people,

I was spending another day behind my books today. But after a few exams now I’m really looking forward to spend some days in the sun without stress and a lot of fun! Apart from these thoughts, I want to show this great talent from Belgium to you all! Because what can make a person more happy in these dark days then a lovely fashion-post !


Let me introduce you to Tom Van Der Borght! I discovered this wonderful talent on the Fashionclash2013 blogger day. Tom lives and works in Ghent. He is a fashion designer and a graduate of the Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten at Sint Niklaas. He flawlessly combines modern technology, like digital knitting, with traditional handicrafts. I was immediately impressed by the great colors and awesome prints he used! They are a true stimulation for your senses. Here are some pictures I selected from his latest APONYCALYPSE AW 13/14 collection. The colorfull knitted sweaters are one of my favorites! I’m also a big fan of the video he made for this collection. I don’t think these pictures need further explanation, so watch and enjoy!

(Pictures from the Aponycalypse AW 13/14 collection from Tom Van Der Borght//Pictures + video: Alexander Popelier)



Lots of love




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