Little black dress!

Hi lovely people,

Finally, between the books and diner I had some time to take some pictures of the dress that was first meant for Dorien! But there was a little problem, the dress was a little to short thanks to her lovely long legs. But suddenly there was Nikki! Nikki is the lovely owner of the “ginger diaries“-blog. I met her on the fashionclash2013 blogger-day and she is such a lovely and kind lady! She was so sweet to try on the dress and take some pictures with me! So here are some pictures of the quick shoot we did together! I really want to thank Nikki for making some time for me, I had a lot of fun when making pictures with her!

Dress DressDressI’m very happy with the result, but what do you guys think? Unfortunately the dress didn’t fit Dorien, so it is for sale now! It’s a smell/medium. If anyone is interested, don’t hesitate to contact me!

DressYesterday, I also had a really lovely time with my fashionable friend Elise at the fashion show by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp! More of this great 50th anniversary will follow soon in a later blogpost!

sweet kisses





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