Rediscover the magic!

Hi lovely reader’s,

It was a sad day yesterday! I had to hand in my phone because there were some problems with its software. So I won’t be very active on instagram for the next few weeks! But do you guys remember the last picture I posted on Instagram this week? It was a picture of a package I received from UPR in my mailbox earlier this week. So first of all I want to thank UPR for the little gift!

RitualsAren’t you guys all curious what is in the package? Well, I guess you all know Rituals! Rituals is a master in bringing rest and peace into your life. They try to turn a usual bad, a daily routine and just a normal cup of tea into a wonderful experience. So it was a great surprise when I opened my package and I found a lovely travel light kit from Rituals.

RitualsThe travel kit contains a toiletry bag for him, where I can put al my stuff in when I go on holiday. I also found different little flacons filled with shower gel, shampoo, deodorant & shaving cream and three small refill pots to fill with my other favorite beauty products. Super handy for my journey to Bucharest in august with my boyfriend!


Lots of love




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