Svenska For Sale!

Hi lovely people,

A few weeks ago, I received the sad news that I wasn’t selected by the JBC jury for my collection to win the designer contest. Now I was thinking about selling some of the pieces I made for the JBC contest. Because I would love to see someone enjoy wearing the clothes I made! So I made a “For Sale” album on my Facebook-page SVENSKA. There you can find all the clothes that are for sale with a bit of information about them! Here are some pictures of the pieces I’m selling. If you are interested in one of the pieces, don’t hesitate to contact me! (You can also click on the pictures to go to my Facebook-page)

Dress Black and White

High Waist Flower SkirtIn the future maybe, i’m thinking about opening an online store to sell my handmade and self designed clothes. I will keep you boys and girls posted about the evolution of this idea in the future, but first I want to know what you all think of this idea?

Light Pink Skirt

Soft Dark Purple Collar

Caramel Brown Collarxoxo



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