“Playful Dream” – VOGUE

Hi lovely people,

I have to admit it, I love fashion and I love food. And what is better than combining these two? That is also exactly what Vogue Gioiello thought! In its fashion editorial titled ‘Playful Dream’ published in the May 2013 issue, Vogue Gioiello created a delicious bunch of LEGO-made dishes combined with luxurious jewelry from brands like Fendi and Gavello.

Playful DreamThese LEGO-made dishes aren’t only really beautiful, they also bring back a lot of childhood memories! The LEGO-menu includes a slice of pizza, a great looking burger with fries, spaghetti bolognese and delicious sushi! These pictures are styled by Enrica Ponzellini and shot by Fabrice Fouillet. It looks like their collaboration has an amazing result!

Playful Dreamxoxo



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