Dance like a lunatic!

Hi lovely people,

I was wandering on the internet yesterday and I suddenly bumped in on a magazine named SIR. SIR is an online magazine with cool futures about exquisite upcoming talents. They write really cool articles about fashion, music and culture related things! But there was one article that really gave me a smile from ear to ear. I’m talking about the little video that you can find on the bottom of this blogpost ! The video is made by Sean Pecknold, but he also got a little help from Alina Hardin and Matt Daniels. It tries to tell us some great lessons of life that many people already told to us before, but its cooler when somebody tells it to you in a cute animation. It really made me think about the life we are all living from behind our computer! So take 4 minutes of your precious time, that you are already wasting behind your computer, to watch this awesome animation.


And don’t forget, just stand up and dance like a lunatic!

much love




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