Perfect shoes for Hansel and Gretel!

Hi lovely people,

I think you all remember the great pictures of the delicious bunch of LEGO-made dishes created for Vogue Gioiello. Well today I have something other, really delicious for you guys. Surely for the people who are a big fan of bread. Let me introduce you to these wonderful Bread Shoes designed by R&E Praspaliauskas. The shoes are made from bread, they won’t sag, need no pressing and feel good in dry climates according to the designers. So you would be screwed by wearing them today, because it’s raining here in Belgium! These are the first bread shoes in fashion and they will come to you in a hand-picked cardboard box. The bread shoes are also perfect to find your way back home, whether that’s what Hansel and Gretel would think!

Bread Shoes

Bread Shoes

You can buy these shoes in different sizes. So If some of you are crazy enough and interested in one pair of these bread shoes, the shoes are for sale here!

Much love!




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