A masterly dilemma..

Dear people,

After Tim Van Steenbergen and Marina Yee, the time was right for Pieter Stockmans to collaborate with Aristide. Aristide is an editor and distributor of high quality furniture fabrics and decoration fabrics since 1979. With his many experience, Pieter Stockmans was ready to take the challenge to design some fabrics for the Aristide collection. The result of this collaboration is very sophisticated and timeless. His well know motives and beige and blue colors are things you can recognize in this collection. I also had the chance to meet Pieter Stockmans and I must say that not only his work but also his personality are both really great.


After some talking about his fabric collection for Aristide and his wonderful porcelain collection he also offered me his book ” Pieter Stockmans, a masterly dilemma”, that tells the story of many of his works from 2004 till now.


If you ever have some time when you are in Genk, you should really visit the studio of Pieter Stockmans. To feel the magic of his wonderful and well designed porcelain. The stories that Pieter Stockmans told us in the studio really helped me understanding the whole idea behind the fabric collection.


So I really want to say a special thanks to Pieter, it was really nice to meet you and it was great talking to you!




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