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Birds of Paradise!

Hi lovely people,

Yesterday I had the chance to discover the new exhibition in the Fashion Museum of Antwerp with a few fellow bloggers. We had a great evening, talking to each other and taking a look at this wonderful exhibition for the first time.


The exhibition “Birds of Paradise” is an ode to the plumes and feathers in fashion. Plumes and feathers have always been a sign of beauty and preciousness. Like by princesses and queens to express their femininity by using feathered folding fans when going to a ball.

Kate McCgwire

For designers, it’s always been interesting to use the feather as a sign of freedom and lightness. Thierry Mugler used these feathers to create his own “bird woman”, a silhouette with the form of a butterfly.

Thierry Mugler

Alexander McQueen is also one of the designers whose work is shown at the exhibition. With his own interpretation of the swan Lake, a design based on the duality between the white, good, swan and the black, bad, swan!

Dress MoMu

I was impressed by the different silhouettes and the lovely scenography of the exhibition by Bob Verhelst. I also want to thank Belmodo and MoMu Antwerp for this lovely evening.

It’s still possible to visit the exhibition till the 24th of August.

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Fashionclash 2013 Fashionshow

Hi lovely people,


Like I told in my Fashionclash 2013 report yesterday, the other bloggers and I had the chance to see 3 wonderfull fashionshows at the end of the Fashionclash blogger-day. As I promised, I would show some pictures to you guys. It was a pleasure seeing so much talent walking down the runway and the front row experience made it even better! My camera was overloaded by pictures so here is a short selection of my favorite photos! Watch and enjoy!

Linda Friesen


Fashionclash Amit Baruch


FashionclashDIORALOP by Andreja Bistricic & Maja Merlic

FashionclashFashionclashsweet kisses