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Happy Socks FW14/15

Hi lovely people,

happysocks_logo_2For another blogpost about the FW14/15 collections, I want to start with Happy Socks! Happy Socks is a swedish brand and I think most of you have already heard from this brand! Their goal was to create a pair of socks that is made to wear on every occasion and is possible to combine with every style. Words like quality, craftsmanship and creativity are very important to the brand. That’s why they already sell socks in more then 70 countries and on every continent.

FW 14But from this year, they also created boxers matching these lovely socks. The boxers are for both men and women. Words can’t describe how happy I was when I saw these awesome boxers! Here are some pictures of my favorite ones! Besides these awesome socks and boxers, we can also find notebooks and pencils pimped with their lovely designs.FW 14-001 FW 14-002I can’t get enough of this crazy brand! I also want to thank Pravda Pressroom for the lovely welcome and the interesting explanations of their different brands.


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Experimental week report!

Dear people,

I’m back with another blogpost. This time I want to show you all a few pictures. A group of students and I made these pictures a couple of days ago. We all were part of an experimental week during the start of the new school year. The target was to create something extraordinary with some materials we got at the start of the week.

The result is a series of 9 pictures with a funny twist! I hope you guys like these pictures as much as we did!


much love