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Herschel Supply CO. FW 14/15

Hi lovely people,

Another brand I laid my eyes on during the press days was Herschel.
I was already aware of this brand before the press days, but after seeing their fall and winter collection for 2014/2015 I even felt more in love with the brand.


Here is some information for those who don’t know the brand Herschel. Herschel Supply Co. is a brand that manufactures fine quality backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories. The company was founded in 2009 by the brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack. The 2 brothers adopted the name of the small town where three generations of their family grew up and so Herschel Supply Co. was born.

Herschel Supply Co. is now based in Vancouver, Canada and manufactures timeless products with a fine regard of detail. Hershel supply co. is a true modern brand with a nice touch of heritage.

FW 14-004I’m madly in love with this brand because of their vintage touch. Their use of fabrics, prints and colors make these backpacks look so fresh, timeless and lovely at the same time. I can’t wait to buy me one soon! Here are already some of my FW ’14/’15 favorite backpacks and accessories. For more bags and accessories of Herschel Supply CO. you can take a look here.

FW 14-005 FW 14-006Much love,




Berlin is calling!

Hi lovely people,

Still less than a week and then It’s time to celebrate my birthday. I’m really looking forward to it since I’m celebrating it with my schoolfriends on a study tour in Berlin! I can’t wait to explore Berlin! Many people I know are telling me good things about Berlin so my expectations are very high! If some of you still have good tips to make this trip even better, they are always welcome!


pull-in logo


But another thing now. Do you guys already know Pull-in? Well, Pull-in is a French underwear brand created by Emmanuel Lohéac. They stand for products with a right amound of comfort, quality and originality! We sure can say that they have a great eye for detail and a big respect for the different fabrics. Pull-in is more then just underwear, it’s like a fashion accesoire made to express yourself.

So what is a better occasion then my birthday to treat myself with some awesome Pull-in underwear. I made a selection of my favorite pieces from their collection!

Pull In 3

Pull In 1 Pull In 2

Don’t forget to check out the rest of their collection for both guys and girls here. It’s also possible to follow them on Instagram here, in that way you can be a part of the wonderful Pull-in family!

Much love,



A masterly dilemma..

Dear people,

After Tim Van Steenbergen and Marina Yee, the time was right for Pieter Stockmans to collaborate with Aristide. Aristide is an editor and distributor of high quality furniture fabrics and decoration fabrics since 1979. With his many experience, Pieter Stockmans was ready to take the challenge to design some fabrics for the Aristide collection. The result of this collaboration is very sophisticated and timeless. His well know motives and beige and blue colors are things you can recognize in this collection. I also had the chance to meet Pieter Stockmans and I must say that not only his work but also his personality are both really great.


After some talking about his fabric collection for Aristide and his wonderful porcelain collection he also offered me his book ” Pieter Stockmans, a masterly dilemma”, that tells the story of many of his works from 2004 till now.


If you ever have some time when you are in Genk, you should really visit the studio of Pieter Stockmans. To feel the magic of his wonderful and well designed porcelain. The stories that Pieter Stockmans told us in the studio really helped me understanding the whole idea behind the fabric collection.


So I really want to say a special thanks to Pieter, it was really nice to meet you and it was great talking to you!



MODA Made in Italy!

Hi lovely people,

It’s been very busy lately, so that’s the reason why it took so long for me to post another article on my blog. But it was worth waiting because I have something really great to share with you guys. Last tuesday, I went to the Fashion Museum of Hasselt to check out their new exhibition “MODA Made in Italy”.


Italy is the place to be for many fashion lovers and has a great history of fashion! And what is a better place to show this wonderful history then the Fashion Museum of Hasselt! They did a great job bringing the warm and cozy Italian atmosphere to the museum thanks to the great scenography of Massimo Pignanelli (MASS architects) in combination with the refined Italian pieces of clothing! I really enjoyed this exhibition that tells the story of the Italian fashion industry, from the birth of fabrics to L’atra moda.

MODASo make sure you visit the “MODA Made in Italy” exhibition. You can visit the exhibition till saturday the 9th of february. Also don’t forget to like their Facebook page to stay in touch about upcoming exhibitions in the future.







Dear fashion lovers,

I had a lovely day today. Went to Antwerp with my boyfriend to visit the A.F. VANDEVORST sale and the FFI pop-up shop. We found some  beautiful fabrics at the A.F. VANDEVORST sale. I hope I can make something special with the fabrics we bought. But when I do, I keep you all posted. Tomorrow is the last day you can visit the sale. So if you don’t know what to do, you should go and  take a look there!

You can also visit the FFI pop-up store for the last time tomorrow. So grab your purse and have a lovely day in Antwerp, just like I did.