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Herschel Supply CO. FW 14/15

Hi lovely people,

Another brand I laid my eyes on during the press days was Herschel.
I was already aware of this brand before the press days, but after seeing their fall and winter collection for 2014/2015 I even felt more in love with the brand.


Here is some information for those who don’t know the brand Herschel. Herschel Supply Co. is a brand that manufactures fine quality backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories. The company was founded in 2009 by the brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack. The 2 brothers adopted the name of the small town where three generations of their family grew up and so Herschel Supply Co. was born.

Herschel Supply Co. is now based in Vancouver, Canada and manufactures timeless products with a fine regard of detail. Hershel supply co. is a true modern brand with a nice touch of heritage.

FW 14-004I’m madly in love with this brand because of their vintage touch. Their use of fabrics, prints and colors make these backpacks look so fresh, timeless and lovely at the same time. I can’t wait to buy me one soon! Here are already some of my FW ’14/’15 favorite backpacks and accessories.¬†For more bags and accessories of Herschel Supply CO. you can take a look here.

FW 14-005 FW 14-006Much love,