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Berlin is calling!

Hi lovely people,

Still less than a week and then It’s time to celebrate my birthday. I’m really looking forward to it since I’m celebrating it with my schoolfriends on a study tour in Berlin! I can’t wait to explore Berlin! Many people I know are telling me good things about Berlin so my expectations are very high! If some of you still have good tips to make this trip even better, they are always welcome!


pull-in logo


But another thing now. Do you guys already know Pull-in? Well, Pull-in is a French underwear brand created by Emmanuel Lohéac. They stand for products with a right amound of comfort, quality and originality! We sure can say that they have a great eye for detail and a big respect for the different fabrics. Pull-in is more then just underwear, it’s like a fashion accesoire made to express yourself.

So what is a better occasion then my birthday to treat myself with some awesome Pull-in underwear. I made a selection of my favorite pieces from their collection!

Pull In 3

Pull In 1 Pull In 2

Don’t forget to check out the rest of their collection for both guys and girls here. It’s also possible to follow them on Instagram here, in that way you can be a part of the wonderful Pull-in family!

Much love,




Jeff Antwerp Store!

Hi design lovers,

Antwerp is well known for his trendy shops and great concept stores! And since the first of june, we can add another beautiful store to that list. My friend Melissa and I went to Antwerp to say HI to the new JEFF Antwerp.

JEFF Antwerp

JEFF Antwerp is a beautiful new concept store filled with lovely interieur pieces and great artwork. This combination of art and photography with simple but beautiful design makes this store a real feast for the eye. That’s because Jef Coopmans, the owner of the store, wanted a store were you only can buy “nice things”. I think the Reversed Volumes by Mischer’Traxler, delicious Champagne, good smelling beauty products, furniture by Discipline and other lovely pieces translates his idea very wel. So I really want to congratulate Jef for his hard work! Thumbs up for this great new hotspot at the Volkstraat 9 in Antwerp!

JEFFJEFFThe store is open from tuesday till saturday from 11:00 till 18:30. So the next time you plan to visit Antwerp, make sure you check out this store! Also don’t forget to like their facebook-page, to stay in touch about upcomming new art and design collections!

JEFFlots of love



Evolution, new design hotspot.

Hi everyone,


I went to Hasselt to visit Evolution, a new stylish design store in a beautiful pledge at groenplein 5. The store is filled with different designs each with there own identity and authenticity. Their motto “design reflecting your personality” fits well together with the products they sell. This store can definitely count as a new hotspot in Hasselt.

I really had a lovely chat with the owners of the store! It was nice to meet them. Don’t forget to like their facebook page. Thumbs up and lot’s of succes for their new store Evolution!

Sweet kisses