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Dear people,

I’m finally back after my two weeks of vacation. And as you all know, I’m always up for new and inspiring┬áconcepts. That’s why I want to introduce you all to H3500.



Our home is a translation of our personality. We want to show people the way we live or want to live. We want to share the feeling of our home to the world. Not many people know that this kind of communication starts with our house number. That is why I want to share this wonderful H3500 project with you all!


Studio Hectica had the great idea to change the boring house numbers, in vibrant and attractive graphic pieces. That’s why they create a personal house number, that perfectly fits your way of living. They also make sure they use materials and techniques specially chosen for your house number. This with the right typeface and a new personal house number is born.


We can surely say that these are house numbers made with care and love!
Thumbs up for this great idea! If you are interested in a personal house number, just check their site here!

Much love,