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MODA Made in Italy!

Hi lovely people,

It’s been very busy lately, so that’s the reason why it took so long for me to post another article on my blog. But it was worth waiting because I have something really great to share with you guys. Last tuesday, I went to the Fashion Museum of Hasselt to check out their new exhibition “MODA Made in Italy”.


Italy is the place to be for many fashion lovers and has a great history of fashion! And what is a better place to show this wonderful history then the Fashion Museum of Hasselt! They did a great job bringing the warm and cozy Italian atmosphere to the museum thanks to the great scenography of Massimo Pignanelli (MASS architects) in combination with the refined Italian pieces of clothing! I really enjoyed this exhibition that tells the story of the Italian fashion industry, from the birth of fabrics to L’atra moda.

MODASo make sure you visit the “MODA Made in Italy” exhibition. You can visit the exhibition till saturday the 9th of february. Also don’t forget to like their Facebook page to stay in touch about upcoming exhibitions in the future.