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Delicious Modern Art

Hi lovely people,

Art was, is and will always be a very good way to communicate with people all over the world. Sometimes art is an answer to problems or a gateway to another world. But most of all, art is there to love and enjoy!

Rineke Dijkstra

Another thing that there is to love and enjoy, is food. Bring these two together and something wonderful happens. That’s exactly what Caitlin Williams Freeman thought! Caitlin is a lovely lady who works in The Blue Bottom café in San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. She and her team sells wonderful pastries, based on art.

Enjoy but watch out, you might get hungry !




Much love,




Rediscover the magic!

Hi lovely reader’s,

It was a sad day yesterday! I had to hand in my phone because there were some problems with its software. So I won’t be very active on instagram for the next few weeks! But do you guys remember the last picture I posted on Instagram this week? It was a picture of a package I received from UPR in my mailbox earlier this week. So first of all I want to thank UPR for the little gift!

RitualsAren’t you guys all curious what is in the package? Well, I guess you all know Rituals! Rituals is a master in bringing rest and peace into your life. They try to turn a usual bad, a daily routine and just a normal cup of tea into a wonderful experience. So it was a great surprise when I opened my package and I found a lovely travel light kit from Rituals.

RitualsThe travel kit contains a toiletry bag for him, where I can put al my stuff in when I go on holiday. I also found different little flacons filled with shower gel, shampoo, deodorant & shaving cream and three small refill pots to fill with my other favorite beauty products. Super handy for my journey to Bucharest in august with my boyfriend!


Lots of love